Friday, July 15

Brunswick ICEMAN Open

The tournament in question was held Jyväskylä- it's a small quaint town about three hours north of Helsinki by car.

I had been invited to go there by Joonas Ohtonen. A Finnish 9-ball champion in his own right and one of the partners of Players- Pool Hall.

Players features 8 Tournament Edition Brunswick Metro tables and a nice bar area. It's right downtown Jyväskylä.

I have to admit it was the first time I played in a tournament named after my nickname "ICEMAN". so it was an extra incentive to win.

The feature table had live streaming the entire tournament as well as one-on-one interviews from players between matches.

I managed to play up to par and racked up an impressive winning ratio. About 40 won racks to 10 racks scored against me.

My toughest match was the first match on Saturday it went hill-hill. Well, also the semi was tough because I had to play my twin brother Kari. Its not easy to form killer instinct against your "own blood". Other than that I thought I played a dominant game. The Finalist, Salomaa showed some nervousness in the beginning of the match and I retaliated mercilessly every time. Score 7-3 and trophy goes home.

Thanks to Players again for a great tournament I'll be sure to come back.

Thanks to all the fans as well.

( Olishan sen voinut ehkä suomeksikin kirjoittaa, mutta on liikaa kansainvälistä porukkaa jotka lukee tätä blogia. Jep jep. Palataan. )

Thank you = Kiitos




Billiardnut said...

Mika, I was surprised to hear you have a twin brother. Does he play at your level? Is he on the pro tour, ect. Very curious.

Robert said...

where is your next match ?? like to come and support you again