Wednesday, November 16

News flash: I won a tournament!

It's not really a laughing matter or maybe it is? It wasn't anything major but nevertheless, even the small victories count sometimes when you look back.

I think I can honestly say that some of my recent form is contributed to me starting to give some lessons again. It's ironic that I was kinda forced to do it in the lack of recent success. I It has simply made me re-evaluate my own form or at least just subconsciously go through the correct pre-shot, the shot itself and post-shot routine. awareness is a good thing. When it comes to analyzing a situation, there is no way we could give ourselves too much information about the shot. The brain does have an amazing capacity to process information. I think the post-shot routine, for example, is often overlooked. This is a really bad mistake.

Also, demanding the very best of yourself is important. I don't mean to say you wouldn't try your best at all times, it's just that a lot of players think they a play position into an area. Wrong. You must pinpoint your position exactly. Like a needle, if you will. This allows for so many things. I will get into that later, but first pre-shot:

You look at the situation: The questions you ask yourself: What is the right shot? What is the easiest most effortless way I can play position? (Best yet, can I play it with center of the vertical line of the cue ball?-this being always the most accurate way of delivering the shot). Visualize the different outcomes. Sometimes you do have to take a tougher shot to earn an overall easier run-out. Then it would have to be the right shot. Once decided, visualize again and PINPOINT(PP) your position(including where the the cue ball bounces of the rail(s), if any.). Of course at this point some of you may be thinking " I can't do that???". Well, It's normal. but if you don't do it, you have a very cloudy perception of the aftermath.

Benefits of PP when doing the post-shot routine:
1. How was my speed? 2.How well did I analyze the speed of the rails? 3. Did I make the ball in the center of the pocket? -because if not, it will result in a different position than intended, assuming that we generally aim for the center of the pocket A.K.A "the heart of the pocket". 4. How well am I adapting to the friction of the cloth?

The difference between good players and great players sometimes simply the ability to quickly read the table and adapt to the situation. But doing these routines will get you towards greatness quicker than the other way. Regardless of what goals you set for yourself.

It's important to understand: The cue ball does not lie. Use the information given. PP.

Quick addition: Cue ball doesn't lie=Cue ball will give you very accurate information about everything that happened. Read the cue ball feedback! Be the cue ball!

By the way, wish me luck at the ALL JAPAN CHAMPIONSHIPS!

From Osaka sincerely yours,



Steve said...

I'm glad I found your blog. I have always been a fan of your game. You're a machine! This article is helpful to me. I've never thought about the importance of a post-shot routine.

Good luck in your All Japan Championship!

John Risner said...

Congrats Mika,Thanks for the great info. Pattern recognition and shot selection are my worst nightmare. I think I choose wrong about 110% of the time.

Good luck and Thanks Again

Smiley said...

You welcome....

james said...

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saenzc8043 said...

Don't you win every tournament? Haha!

Unknown said...

Hey Mika, this is Terry from PoolCube International. Thanks for playing in and winning my Casino 10-Ball 10-Ball Tournament at the Super Billiards Expo. It's an honor to have you as our first ever Champion. How about telling your readers what you think of our game? Great luck in Japan and I look forward to having you in our tournament in the future.

Terry Hess
PoolCube International

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Robert Atchison Jr. said...

I've always been a fan of the game, sadly I've been unable to play due to the two halls close to be closing down... and my table got trashed during a move.

I did see one of your games on the tube... anyway nice blog.


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