Tuesday, March 5

New Age- still on track

I had probably a record-long break from blogging. In the meantime, I turned 40... Big number. But it is just a number isn't it? I believe aging is all relative. I think I was trying to feel what it was but I failed. I still think I'm around my mid-thirties. At least I think my metabolism is still good. Hehehe. Oh well.

You know, Its funny I've been hibernating for a couple months and then some folks think I retired. Well, on the contrary.
I've just done a bit of spring cleaning. Got rid of some clothes that I haven't used in a couple years, organized my flat to make it more functional with less clutter. (With a little help ;-) )
Hey, I even went to the handyman mode and grabbed the drill. That's right. Cos I'm into it.

Ok. Professionally speaking... I've grown a keen appreciation for teaching. Observing others and guiding them has actually been a way of solidifying my own game. I just have to analyze everything from grass-root level..

So part of Spring cleaning is getting a grip of the winning attitude. Getting rid of negative thoughts and excuses. I'm back at the gym too. Working the holiday fat off. Lol (had to add)

So, just like the pre-shot routine in pool, you need a solid foundation before you can excel.

So here are a few things that can help you win:

Make the shots you dread your favorites ever. (By this you ideally have to really work on the weaknesses of your game...tricking your subconscious mind can only get you so far although sometimes it can work.) therefore :

Attack every challenge with eagerness and curiosity. Feel that you are bound to succeed as long as you take the necessary steps to review and complete the task at hand.

Become "friends" with the conditions. Such as:

Table -banks, kicks, speed of the felt, rail speed (study it, own it)

Air quality (sudden rain, crowds building up etc)

Distractions ( sharking, construction, bad or just annoying music etc) - certain things you just have to accept. Most of them are out of our control.

One more thing that amazes me: a lot of people who want to learn fail to
give themselves a chance to watch professional pool. So go out there, study from the masters. Watch their routine, the follow-through, grip, stance... List goes on... If you can help it, at least play guys a tad better than yourself. Step by step, if you are hungry enough- you'll win.

PS. No more excuses, get your butt to the gym.


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Steve Melee said...

Welcome back... Thanks for the advice. You've always been one of my favourites when I watch the pros on TV. I particularly like the total look of surprise and confusion on your face on those RARE occasions when you miss!

I never thought of looking at making your toughest shots your favourite shots. Great outlook. I'm certainly gonna try that!

Rossian Mei Castro said...

Welcome back Mika! good to hear from you again..

Anonymous said...

Mika, get back to playing. Your hiatus has made me tired of pool.

Being my favorite player, I seriously get tired of continuously watching Shane and Alex play.

Get in there and kick some ass.

bel air bill said...

Mika.I meet you briefly at the 2013
super expo and got your autograph.Thanks. I am 67 retired and love the game.Don't gamble but I started entering tournaments and just won my first senior tournament.I find the mental game to be the hardest, controling your emotions.I am looking forward to playing in the super senior's next year at the expo in Jersey.I wish you all the best in pool and life.Be well!