Saturday, September 13


Ok so it's been a while. I know. Too long. I guess you can call it a sabbatical or perhaps I could flatter myself and call it a "writers block" 

Really, I was just waiting for a real nice opportunity to share some delicious good news. 

Some of you may already know this but anyway, I had to do the blog splash so here we go: 

I have been inducted to the HALL OF FAME. To me it's an incredible honor. Something I dreamed of. I've seen a lot of people get inducted including: Buddy Hall, Earl Strickland, Ewa Mataya, Allison Fisher, Allen Hopkins, Ralf Souquet, Johnny Archer etc etc. 

I had aspirations, dreams, goals, deadlines, falls, victories that had to be crossed en route. It has indeed been an incredible journey. 
Actually, when I first found out, I was really beside myself. I got the goosebumps. I even had to sit down and let it sink in. What an honor. 

Anyway, I have quite a few people to thank. The list goes so deep it would totally occupy the rest if the day. I'll get into that some other time.  

For now I just have to thank my friends and family, my sponsors, my fellow competitors and last but not least, my fans. Every component has shaped me to be the person I am today and I wouldn't trade a minute. 

I would also like to congratulate Jose Parica for getting inducted from the veterans vote. His contribution to the sport has been unquestionable. The man still plays a mean game. 

The official induction ceremony and dinner will be held in conjunction with the USOpen, October 17th. 


Best Regards, 

Mika Immonen 

Hall of Fame inductee 2014

3x World Champion 
Two Time "Player Of The Year"
Back To Back US OPEN 9 Ball Champion
Mosconi Cup "MVP"

Billiards Digest- "Player of the Decade"