Monday, June 9

Generation Pool tournament in Charlotte, NC

32 player field, all the Top US players show up plus the usual
European suspects that frequent or live in the states:
Me, Thorsten an Souquet all lost one and won a match so we have to
play Tuesday morning early.

Shockers were Corey Deuel and Shane Van Boening got knocked 2 and out.

The trade show is starting Thursday so the Industry has a chance to
see the semi's wednesday and then finals Thursday.
I aim to be a part of that.

I have to play Tony Robles first. Then the winner between Kim
Davenport and Rodney Morris.

See you soon.



Dian Aristian said...

hi, i'm from indonesia. i really like billiards, and you're my inspiration. thank's.

Anonymous said...

Mika, I play on the thursday night night team 9 ball league. Do you give lessons? I will pay of course.