Sunday, June 15

Tournament + Trade Show

OK, I know its old news already but I got 5th place at the Generation Pool tournament. I did pretty good up until the quarters,

making some good comebacks. For example, I was down 8-3 against Rodney Morris and bet him 11-8. Next round I was down 10-7 vs Charlie Bryant but came back and beat him 11-10.

I was drawn against Shawn Putnam in the Quarterfinals. I was trailing most of the match until later when I got the lead 9-8. Then I got 3 balls in on the break, but had to push out. Eventually Shawn came with a good shot and ran out. Then he broke and ran.
I thought I was also going to get to the hill, but I left myself a really hard shot on the 9. I missed it ad he got the shot for the semis.

In the end it went down to Ronnie Wiseman and Jeromy Jones in the finals.

I heard it was the battle of the nerves, but Jeromy came out ahead.

I personally had to start concentrating on the upcoming Trade Show as I was about to present the Mezz Cues first time as a distributor.

More of that later...

By the way, look out for posts from Qatar at the end of the month! Its the QATAR OPEN 9-BALL CHAMPIONSHIP.