Friday, July 20

Transit times

I've landed in New York once more. The funny part about flying around the world is that soon you'll be off and running again. In my case at least. I did kick back for a couple of days before I set my course for Finland. Granted going to my home country never stressed me out. On the contrary. Specially in the summer time. I'm looking forward to the countryside with siblings, see old and new friends in Helsinki. Even squeeze in a little tournament up north before I head back to New York.- for the World 14.1 tourney in Queens.

I had a good month, I've been to Dubai, Qatar and Indonesia. Clocked in some decent results not great. But I feel like I'm knocking on the door for something bigger. Or better yet just getting ready to kick that door in.
The Indonesian "leg" offered a new challenge: Speed Pool. I didn't think I was going to like it as much as I did. It was a breath of fresh air for the sport. Not to replace anything but perhaps it is a very nice change of pace. Literally.

Other than that, I'm just focusing on being stress-free and happy. Living in the moment, at best.
I'll just add here some reflection I had not too long ago:

" Just relax and enjoy life. Don't think about the past or future. Now is what matters and that moment just passed. We all have a need to be right that's our thoughts (our ego) telling us what to do. Just learn to let go. You can't change the way anyone is but you can encourage them to free themselves from their thoughts and insecurities. One can only change oneself.

-Live by example, Love Unconditionally...

And stay in the present."

I originally wrote that piece to a friend that was going through a rough patch in their life. I then realized I could relate to it and why not most of us. So I posted it on Facebook. Sharing is caring, right?

Lastly, I do want to thank you all for your patience. I was kinda lost of words for a while but I'm back. Promise.


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Geschrieben von Handan K. said...

mikaaaa - oh yes, i've missed your postings... and i guess you gonna be a yoga / life coach / or something like that later in your life... maybe after your pool career or maybe next lifetime...

-Live by example, Love Unconditionally...- breahte... :-)

your biggest blog fan
( not pool playing anymore but enjoying life and truly living the moment...)

Steve Melee said...

Take your time... post when you want. My Google Reader subscription tells me when you've posted! Besides, don't worry about when you've last posted or when you'll post again. Only worry about NOW! I read those words recently written by a very wise man! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Good to see you back and updating your blog! Keep them coming, Mika. :)