Tuesday, August 7

Pool School

Private pool school:
Me and Charlie Williams -(top pro coach and captain of team USA) are this sat - sun at Trickshots Billiards Orlando in Waterford lakes. Beautiful Shanelle Loraine guest starring. Guaranteed to improve any players game by levels. Limited to 10 students and 5 spots open currently. In evening there will be free show 8pm and free entry tournaments! $100 cash prize and sponsor prizes. Special Sale on Predator cues! Text back or email propoolschool1@gmail.com


Christoph Neumayer said...

Hi mika. Just saw your interview on Youtube and found your website now. First thank you for your inspiration. Sadly i couldn´t go to your lesson because i´m german (-->bad englisch).But i (16) have a question: i play now 1 year and i´m quiet good (my trainer [played 2.bundesliga] say that i will probably play with 19 in the 1. bundesliga (hope that sounds not so bigheaded). And i want to win the bavarian championschip to qualify for the german CS. So here comes my question: is there any system to get out of savetys like efren or for kickshots and that stuff?
hope you will reply
thanks your big fan