Sunday, April 5

I won the Joss tournament at Raxx

Holden Chin hosted this event at his room, the Raxx in Long Island.

I had tough matches earlier including Tom McGonagle (9-8) 4th round
and Joey Korsiak (9-7) for the "hot seat".

In the finals I faced Dave Grau who had just eliminated Dennis Hatch
and Joey Korsiak.

I ran out the first rack, and after winning the safety battle in the
second rack I broke and ran 4 more. So it was 6-0 very quickly.

I was pretty smooth all the way in the finals with 0 unforced errors.

Final score: 9-3

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Mezz cues are showing their strength-

While Mika snapped off yet another Joss Tour victory, Joey Testa on the other hand has not dropped a set after starting to to use the Mezz ACE series. Testa snapped off the second consecutive Blaze win over Sunday. Combined with a PowerBreak cue with “DI” shaft Both Mika and Joey went undefeated to claim their respective titles.