Friday, April 3

Valley Forge + Joey Testa wins first tournament with Mezz Cue

Valley Forge was a bit of disappointment for me personally, I didn't do as great in the 10-ball tournament
as anticipated.

On a another level, We did great with the Mezz booth. Certainly We caught a lot of attention.

Sarah Rousey, the #3 ranked player in the womens along with my business partner and touring pro
Caroline Pao were there working the booth. Thanks to their efforts it was possible. Also our friends Jay and Linda
Offered a big helping hand.

Everybody loved the product. Hopefully next time we'll get a bigger table, so you can really let your stroke "loose".

Some of the notable visitors was Jennifer Barretta. (
We actually ended up signing with her for a year contract. Happy to have her.

Another one was Joey Testa who ended up a happy camper with brand new tools.
Joey went ahead and won the Blaze tour the following weekend with Mezz cues, the very first tournament
he ever played with the cue. (I remember doing the same when I got my Mezz)

So things are looking up on many levels.

I will be heading to Finland for a couple of weeks and then to Sweden to play Marcus Chamats Poolroom
Tournament "Interpool open 10-ball". After that heading back to USA first week of May. Las Vegas, baby!

I hope you are having a great Spring.