Thursday, April 30

Interpool Open

Ok, it's been more or less two weeks since my last blog, embarrassing. My apologies.

Anyways, here I am and I'm about to play the Interpool Open here in the city of Gavle, Sweden.

One of the owners of Interpool Bar&Billiard is my good friend, Marcus Chamat. It's definitely one
of the nicest rooms I have ever been to. Great ambience, nice bar, good location in the
heart of the city. The city itself is a quick 1 hour train ride from Stockholm's Arlanda
airport. Oh, I forgot to mention, the food at Interpool is amazing!

The tournament itself is the Swedish version of the Blackpool Open that I reported about
in my last blog. Over a hundred players have signed up, and among them are also some
Pro's like me, Marcus, Niels Feijen and Raj Hundal. I expect the best players from Sweden
will show up as well as some from Norway and Finland, as they are the neighboring countries.

After this I will head back to USA, namely the west coast. The Las Vegas pool extravaganza is
just around the corner.

I hope you all had a nice spring time, it's about time we get some nice weather in!



puhveli said...

Saakuti! Olis ollu hienoa jos olisit vielä pystyny puristamaan koko kisasta kerta veit shootoutin ja 10-pallon.
On aina ilo seurata sun pelejä livenä ja varsinkin silloin kun oot lyönnissä :)
Ja tsemppiä tuleviin turnauksiin!