Wednesday, November 12

IPT PRO-AM and off to Asian 10-ball Championships in Korea

I was able to win that fluky format IPT Pro-Am thing in Chicago, and the very next day we had to fly to Seoul, Korea.
Check out updates and probably they have some video clips for you.

I was travelling with Rodney "Rocket" Morris, which made it easier to kill time on that 14-hour flight.

Anyways, luckily we caught a "bye" first round, so we didn't have to play until the following day after arrival.
Even then, my first opponent had read the chart wrong so I also got a forfeit. Hey, no complains.

I managed to win my 3rd round just now. Next I will play a Japanese guy. I have to win just that to get in the final
eight. Then its a single knock-out.

The other top seeds include Thorsten Hohmann, Charlie Williams, Hayato Hijigata and there is also a few players from
Philippines. It seems like the turn-out of Korean top Pros was disappointing. There was a lot of empty slots in that 64
men Double Elimination format. Dragon Promotions had expected to fill that chart.

Good thing the tables are pretty tight and we are playing 10-ball. Nobody will run more than 2-3 racks here. More
strategy involved.

See you again soon


Andy said...

Hey Mika...

I used to live in the Philippines and I know that Coronado used to be one of the main places for money games....when you're over there, where do you play? Is Coronado still open? Thanks.