Wednesday, November 19

Korea is history, now let's focus on All Japan Championships

I ended up losing to Thorsten Hohmann in the finals of the Asian 10-ball Championships in Seoul, Korea.

My road to the finals wasn't too tough except of one hill-hill match that I playd against Kamihagi from Japan.
He had a chance to win after I came dry on the break at 8-8, but missed a tough long one-ball. He left it
semi-tough fro me and I made it. I then had to play a billiard off the two into the 10 and made it. whew!

I guess I was just a little out of focus in the finals. I missed some key positions and a few easy shots as well.
Thorsten on the other hand was playing great and also getting some good rolls on some kick-shots that I left
him. Or if he missed I was hooked. That's the way it goes sometimes. When you play good, you deserve good
rolls and visualize things you may not be conscious off.

All in all combination of bad play bad rolls-good play good rolls added to a 8-1 victory for Toasti. Good job.

PS. I think I might have been a little cocky going into the match. I really wanted to make it three in a row...I got
punished for that. As I should. It's the wrong focus.


Mirriam said...

I just check your blogs.. I’m sorry to find out about that.. but at least you’ve made it to the finals anyway there’s still lots of time and chance to have that winning moment.. again.. no matter what.. we’ll always be here and you’ll always have our support.. and admiration that you are still a great player who we’ve all admired for that determination and good disposition in all your undertakings in your life, especially to this thing u love doing.. play pool.. don’t know much about you..but I know first time I saw you on tv with Efren “Bata” Reyes, well I don’t know when was that..forgetful, I saw in you that power and drive to really arrive to getting what u want..

There you go iceman.. I've typed it again and post it here!

Take care and well, I wish to see you someday or sometime soon? Well good luck there in Japan..and here in Philippines..:-)

Sami Korhonen said...

ミカ・イモネン is in the last 8, I'm sure Mika will not be satisfied by nothing else then place in the final. All the best Mika!