Monday, November 24

"We are the Champions, my friend..."


I finally got another monkey off my back. I Dismantled Ronnie Alcano in the Finals of the All Japan Championships..hmmmm. Was it 11-2 or 11-3? Anyways, It took the 5th try within 10 years to finally snap it off!!!! I am so happy right now.

I hope to update you soon with more details, now I gotta go party!!!

Thanks for all the support, you are the best.



Ken said...

Congrats and great achievement Mika! We are so happy to see u win in Japan. == From your fan in Tokyo

FastMikie said...

That is truly a CRUSHING VICTORY! Congrats on another huge win.


Mirriam said...


Wow,winning moment isn't that far huh?:D

Well, we are all happy for you here..

Take care and good luck here in Phils.

God bless!!!

Well, we wish we can join you in your victory party! hehe.. joke lang po..!

Ingat ka po palagi!!!:-) Have a safe flight!

aya said...

Please win in Japan
next year,too.
From your fan!!