Tuesday, November 4

Yes we can...

Congratulations to the people of America for electing Barack Obama for President.

I watched and stayed up all night in awe of the new spirit that has touched this nation.
It touched me too. It will effect my life as well.

I am ever so grateful that on this same historic day I find myself a legal resident of this
country of restored hope for a better future. I really feel like I have so much more to look
forward to living in America.

Now we once again may call it a land of opportunities. Or perhaps time will tell. But I do feel
a sense of relief all over the world.

God Bless America!


satoshi said...

hey mika,
how you doing?
at first, congratulations on us open title!
i really think you definitely deserve that title. its a kind of weird that you had not got that title until this year since you are one of the greatest players in the world as everybody knows. im looking forward to seeing you in japan. you are gonna play in all japan championship this year too right? take care, ice man.